A Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration (“SIRVA”) involves the onset of pain, weakness, and limited range of motion in the arm where the vaccine was administered.  It is caused by the improper administration of a vaccine into the arm resulting in the development of inflammation.  Patients with SIRVA injuries frequently comment that the vaccination was administered too high in the shoulder.  Symptoms can occur within twenty-four hours after vaccine administration with some people complaining of immediate pain after injection.

Unlike other vaccine related injuries, SIRVA is not associated with any specific vaccine, but is due to the technique utilized to administer the vaccine.  SIRVA is a descriptive term that encompasses a category of injuries incurred as a result of improper technique in vaccine administration such as tendonitis, impingement syndrome, frozen shoulder, adhesive capsulitis and rotator cuff tears.  Complete recovery can occur, but many people suffer residual pain and weakness.