Seizures represent an abnormal discharge of neuronal cells in the brain and can occur with virtually any abnormal process of the brain or central nervous system.  Seizures can be temporary, as seen with head trauma, or evolve into a permanent condition such as epilepsy.  They are associated with many conditions such as meningitis, brain tumors, congenital malformations and inflammatory/autoimmune processes such as ADEM.  On rare occasions, seizures have occured after vaccinations. 

Seizure presentation can range from subtle (staring episodes, lip smacking, chewing) to focal, involving only a limited part of the body, to generalized (convulsive, tonic-clonic) with, or without, a loss of consciousness.

In Freeman v. Secretary of Health and Human Services, the petitioner was granted entitlement for the onset of seizures following administration of the MMR vaccine.

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